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Online Payments - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Online Payments?

Online payment refers to any payment made via a web browser for goods and services using credit or debit cards.

Online payments are also commonly known as:

  • e-Payments
  • Electronic Payments
  • Internet Payments
  • Web Payments

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How do I make a payment using Quick Pay?

You will need your account/invoice number, debit/credit card details and need to know how much to pay. You will be able to pay more than one account in one transaction. Therefore, if you wish to pay Council Tax and an invoice, you will only need to enter your card details once.

When you have entered the Quick Pay facility, you will be shown step-by-step instructions, with examples, on how to proceed on each page.

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What can I pay for online?

You can pay the following bills by this method.

  • Council Tax
  • Business Rates
  • Invoices
  • Car Parking Penalty Notices
  • Planning Fees
  • Fixed Penalty Notices (e.g. Littering / Dog Fouling)
  • Ordnance Survey Extracts
  • Overpaid Housing Benefits

You will need to know how much to pay and your account/invoice number. Examples of the numbers required are shown when you enter the Payment type you wish to pay.

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Are my payments secure?

The page used to collect personal details, such as your name and address is protected by a digital certificate called a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This certificate is installed onto the web server to ensure that it is secure. Our secure-server software encrypts all sensitive information using industry standard technology. Click on the padlock icon in the bottom right hand corner of your browser to view certificate details.

Details collected will not be passed on or sold to, any other parties.

To protect your security, please ensure you close your browser after completing the online payments process.

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Will the system show me how much I need to pay?

Quick Pay does not give balances on accounts, so you need to know this before making the payment. If you are unsure how much you owe, please contact the relevant department of the Council who can give you this information.

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Will I receive a receipt?

At the end of your transaction, if your payment was successful, your payment will be confirmed and a receipt number displayed. You will have the option to print this page or to have the payment confirmed to you by e-mail.

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I have made a payment but not received a receipt, what should I do?

Contact the Income Management Office on the details below. This office will check to ensure that your payment has been successful and can issue a copy receipt.

9:30am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday

Tel no: 01283 508421

E-mail: Income Management

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When will the payment be allocated to my account?

If your payment is made before 5pm, it is normally allocated to your account the same day. This may be affected by Bank Holidays or weekends so you should allow up to 3 working days for the payment to reach your account.

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When is the Online Payments Facility available?

The online payments facility is normally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Can I make online payments if I am outside the UK?


Our online payments facility has made it possible for people across the world to pay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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If you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail: Customer Services

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If you have any questions about the online payments facility; please contact the Income Management Office

9:30am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday
Tel no: 01283 508421
Email: Income Management

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